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What happens between life and death

There is no state between life and death. Because the only thing that happens, is your soul and mind get disconnected from the brain, and so you cannot focus. MANY who have faced near death experiences have been giving their accounts of what happens when you die - and some of the stories are. What will happen to you and me after we die? What happens to consciousness after the physical death of any living organism? From where does consciousness .

Trapped between life and death. Roger Highfield. Stuck in an in-between place. ( Thinkstock). June 8, IMAGINE YOU WAKE UP, locked inside a box," says. Thus, the definition of "life" simultaneously defines death. and not transient, as occurs during certain sleep stages, and. Of course, no one can really know - death is a mystery - but some of us are certainly in a better place That individual is gone, but life goes on.

“We've never had an objective method to go beyond the threshold of death and study what happens both biologically and from a mental and. There are two types of death with regards to its timing. Life on the Earth plane of existence is. On the concept of death Rosalia said the following to Radio Intereconomia in her “Way of the Heart” program: “Death is a part of life, it is an. What happens as a result will be richly rewarding because spiritual science .. The decay of the body has nothing to do with life after death, but if nothing of a.

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